Top 10 Reasons for Visiting Walpole Wilderness


Walpole Wilderness Area

Explore over 3500 square kilometres of reserved wilderness encompassing seven national parks of pristine forests, wild rivers, ancient mountains and remote beaches.

Walpole Wilderness

Valley of the Giants

Discover the magic of the Tree Top Walk suspended through the crowns of Walpole’s unique tingle forest and wander into the hollowed trunks of the enchanted Ancient Empire.

Walpole Wilderness

WOW Wilderness EcoCruise

Join the national award winning eco-guided tour on the waterways of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park to the Nuyts Wilderness Peninsular and come away with an unexpected understanding of the nature, culture and future of the Walpole Wilderness.

Walpole Wilderness

Hilltop GIANT Tingle Trees

Track down the world's largest girthed flowering tree and marvel at the ruffled skirt of the pleated lady - tucked away deep in the prehistoric red tingle forest near Walpole.

Walpole Wilderness

Fishing for Future

Walpole’s waterways were the first in WA to be protected from professional fishing over 100 years ago ensuring a sustainable recreational fishing future.  A choice of inlet, river, beach and rock fishing is available,  all with stunning scenery.

Walpole Wilderness

Wildflowers & Wildlife

Walpole Wilderness is home to over two thousand flowering plants famously containing the Red Flowering Gum and more than fifty different species of native orchid. Many marsupials including the enigmatic honey possum still survives alongside WA’s largest mainland population of quokka.  Bird lovers can spend endless hours locating many of Walpole's coastal and forest feathered friends.  Marine animals often pop up out of the blue including dolphins and the much loved bull rays.

Walpole Wilderness

Beautiful Beaches

Walpole’s expansive remote beaches are world famous with their white sands, with freshwater streams, rugged limestone cliffs and spectacular granite headlands.   From Mandalay to Conspicuous and beyond, our beaches are great reason to come to Walpole and get away from it all.

Walpole Wilderness

Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi

Walpole has been one of favourite bases for bushwalkers hiking the world class Bibbulmun Track and mountain bike riding the Munda Biddi Trail, as the Walpole wilderness provides some of the best nature based experience sections of both tracks.  Many other routes throughout the wilderness also allow you the freedom to explore this amazing region by foot or pedal.

Walpole Wilderness

Nature Based Adventure Activities

The Walpole Wilderness provides opportunities for so many other outdoor pursuits.  Top picks include boating, surfing, swimming, snorkelling, sailing and kayaking on the marine park waterways and four wheel driving and camping in the National Parks.

Walpole Wilderness

Walpole Wilderness Communities

Whether you are in Walpole, Nornalup, Peaceful Bay or Bow Bridge - Meet the local characters and enjoy their special friendly service.

Walpole Wilderness

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